Benjamin James Ryan




Luxus Coaster

Materials: Sterling Silver & Sapele Wood Dimensions: 90mm x 90mm x 65mm (Approx.) The Luxus Coaster is designed to hold a bottle of red or white wine. The lustrous lattice structure surrounding the bottle, helps provide added protection and stability....


Luxus Bowl

Product: Luxus Bowls Materials: Sterling Silver & Gold Gilt Dimensions: 90mm x 90mm x 65mm (Approx.) The ‘Luxus’ range is inspired by the natural leaf and petal formation of the majestic Lotus flower. These beautiful yet functional bowls have been...


Heraldic Crest Cufflinks

Materials: 18ct Gold Dimensions: Approx. 25mm x 15mm x 20mm These bespoke 18k yellow gold cufflinks are designed with three dimensional emblems of the clients family crest. They can be reproduced to feature any heraldic coat of arms, or family...


Ghetto Superstar Earrings

Materials: 18ct Yellow Gold Dimensions: 6mmx 4mm x 2.5mm Inspired by one of natures herbal remedies, these Canabis leaf earrings are made from 18ct yellow gold and are finished with fine hand engraved details. They can also be made to...