Benjamin James Ryan

Anniversary Decanter

Materials:  Sterling Silver, Stainless Steel, Blackened Sapele Dimensions: 25omm x 25omm x 300mm This special piece was commissioned by the Worshipful Company of Marketors for the 151 regiment, as a gift to show their appreciation for all the work that they carried out during the global Covid19 pandemic. Silversmith Ben Ryan was commissioned with the brief to produce an item that would echo the regiment’s community-based work, by visually referencing the uplifting support they’ve provided and continue to provide. Ben decided to create an open structure comprising of 151 rods to hold a round bottom decanter. The combined effort of all of the rods, enables them to support and hold the glass decanter, and subtly echoes the team work and camaraderie within the regiment. The rods also create an optical illusion with the Hoggit glass section seemingly floating above the silver plaque. Traditionally when port is passed to the left around the table at the end of a meal, a decanter should not come to rest until it returns to the host. The rounded base of the ‘Hoggit’ decanter ensures the piece cannot be hogged on its journey around the table. The design of this piece can be adapted to commemorate a special occasion such as an anniversary, retirement or birthday.