Benjamin James Ryan

Product: Unitatis ferro Decanter
Materials: Sterling Silver, Crystal, Platinum & Ferro Sand
Dimensions: 350mm x 350mm x 450mm (Approx.)

Commissioned by the Goldsmiths’ Company for their Modern Collection, this piece was commissioned to celebrate The Queen & Duke of Edinburgh’s seventieth wedding anniversary. The piece aims to subtly hint at the love, support and encouragement they have given to one another, and also to the support they have given to the allied crafts.

The functional piece is contemporary in aesthetic, and utilizes novel materials and manufacturing techniques. When all elements of the design are brought together, a visual spectacle of activity and natural creativity is achieved, through the unique movement of the Ferro-Sand. Love is often described as an instant attraction, symbolised by the magnetic forces in the piece.

The piece has 70 hand engraved lines on the bottom of the decanter, representing each year of their marriage in a celebratory firework. The glass and silver cradle that holds the Ferro-Sand and supports the decanter sports a coded message.  The bar code explains what the piece is about and can be deciphered by the text above it. The nylon and silver base holds a platinum disc at its centre which has the Goldsmiths’ Company crest on it. The crest is hidden and revealed by the movement of the Ferro-Sand and the silver base reads a passage from the couples wedding vows on its perimeter edge