Benjamin James Ryan

Design Concept: Unitatis Decanters
Benjamin James Ryan

‘My aim as a designer is to create beautifully functional objects without compromising on aesthetics. I always work on paper first and then move onto the computer to figure out how I’m going to make a piece and further develop my ideas. My inspiration is often lead by a commission brief or interesting objects that I’ve have seen or material lead experimentation. The process of making jewellery and silverware traditionally from the bench, coupled with cutting edge manufacturing techniques, helps me to produce unique items with utmost precision. I often try to mechanically assemble pieces where possible, so I can combine different surface finishes and textures, to help accentuate form or to play with reflections.’ Benjamin James Ryan

NB. If you are interested in commissioning a piece, design boards can be created either traditionally by hand or via computer aided design (CAD) software. To make and enquiry or begin the commissioning process please click here.