Benjamin James Ryan

Product: Skull Goblet
Materials: Sterling Silver, Gold Gilt & Human Skull
Dimensions: 260mm x 140mm x 1.20mm (Approx.)

This was a special commission completed for Sam Bompas of Bompas & Parr. The client had a fascination with Lord Byron and his trait of drinking from a skull cup. Bompas & Parr specialise in creating unique and pioneering experiences around food and drink, and the so the concept of creating a drinking vessel made from a skull cup was our challenge.

The piece incorporates imagery from their company’s philosophy and heritage, taking inspiration from the ziggurat and golden ratio patterns found in the pineapple, as well as infamous quotations which can be found on the base of the piece. The over arching concept was to drink a special tonic or potion from your star sign, creating a unique playful ceremonial experience.