Benjamin James Ryan

Product: Shimmering Snowflake – Twistmas Christmas Decorations
Materials: Sterling Silver
Dimensions: 100mm x 100mm x 65mm

Made from a single sheet of sterling silver these charming Twistmas Christmas decorations are the perfect addition to any home over the festive period. Their stainless steel spinning hook allows them to be hung almost anywhere, and they look great hanging off a Christmas tree, garland, mantle piece, shelf or exposed beam, or hanging in the window.

Each decoration comes individually packaged in a suede bag and branded presentation box. The real charm of the Twistmas decorations is in the mesmerising way they catch the light when spinning. Each design gives a different unique visual illusion, and plays on a natural phenomenon of the shape appearing to enlarge when spun clockwise, and to implode when spun counter clockwise.

All the spinning Twistmas decorations are available in matte and shiny finishes, and can be plated in either gold, rhodium or ruthenium. Clear lacquering is also available upon request.