Benjamin James Ryan

Product: Cellini Slat & Pepper Shakers
Materials: Sterling Silver, 9ct Gold & Diamond
Dimensions: 77mm x 74mm x 24mm (Approx.) Per Shaker

These sterling silver, 9ct gold and diamond set Salt & Pepper shakers are from a collection of tableware designed to change our attitudes towards the standard dinner set, table landscape, and way in which we dine. The salt and pepper shakers pay homage to Benvenuto Cellini’s gold salt cellar. The contrast in design not only illustrates how times have changed through design aesthetics, but also the worth and perception of materials too. Cellini’s Salt cellar illustrated a solid gold enamelled sculptural scene with a small bowl at its centre to hold salt. Historically salt was a valuable and rare commodity, and the reason why we use the word salary is because the Roman soldiers use to receive part payment for their duties in salt – which in Latin derives from the word ‘Sal’ (Hence the word salary). In contrast the shakers hold a large amount of salt and pepper, and have a comparatively small gold bowl at the centre pf the design, which aids with filling and slows the flow of the granules when dispensing.

By having stones set into each of them, an element of preciousness, and a sense of belonging is introduced into each piece, creating the relationship that bonds the various pieces together to form the collection… Jewels for the Table.