Benjamin James Ryan

Product: Luxus 3 In 1 – Tealight Holders
Materials: Sterling Silver
Dimensions: 55mm x 55mm x 80mm (Approx.) Per Ring

Made from 925 sterling silver and precision cut, these delightful pieces of silverware are not only suitable for holding a boiled egg at breakfast, but also double up as napkin rings and decorative tealight surrounds.

Typically after a napkin has been taken out of its ring/holder, it ceases to be of functional use on the table top. However the Luxus 3 in 1 pieces have been designed so they can also be placed over tealights or small candles to create these decorative shades. They create two rather satisfying & aesthetically pleasing geometric pattern formations once illuminated, depending on which way up you place them. Perfect for a candle lit dinner or relaxing mood lighting.