Benjamin James Ryan

Product: Acorn Nursery – Archway Sign
Materials: Bronze, Heat Treated Stainless Steel
Dimensions: 1500mm x 1000mm x 50mm (Approx.)

Benjamin Ryan & Rupert Todd of Ursae Ltd. were contacted by a group of parents from the acclaimed Acorn Nursery in Notting Hill London, in order to give an new lease of life to the buildings entrance. The brief was to design and make an arch way sign, to be suspended above a secure gated entrance between one side of the building and an angled staircase. The parents wanted the piece to be inviting and welcoming, brightening up an otherwise non-descript entrance way to the nursey, whist being durable and weather proof.

Stainless steel was heat treated to a straw colour in order for the piece to be a warm hue and match the desired bronze colour of the acorn castings. The polished lettering of the sign adds charm by the fact that it is free swinging and provides a contrast to the matte and satin finishes elsewhere in the piece. The inviting archway was designed, manufactured, and installed by Ursae and utilized the manufacturing techniques of waterjet cutting, lost wax bronze casting, and hand finishing and polishing.