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Award winning designer Benjamin James Ryan specialises in designing and producing bespoke pieces of contemporary silverware, jewellery and public art.

Being a traditionally trained silversmith with a background in engineering, he strives to create beautifully functional and practical items, designed to stand the test of time. His creations combine both traditional making skills, and new technologies such as, Water-Jet Cutting, 3D Printing and CNC Milling. Ryan’s design ethos is based around creating truly unique luxury items in a considered contemporary style. His designs often have a hidden narrative, or pay homage to iconic classic design forms, using either a functional or aesthetic twist. His creations consist of a mixture of materials including precious metals and stones, and offer diverse design solutions to suit any occasion or environment.

In recent years Ryan has won a number of awards and has produced work for an array of clients including individuals, livery companies and councils, to corporate enterprises, trusts and royalty.  With a base in the Goldsmiths’ Centre in the heart of Clerkenwell, meeting to discuss projects in the capital or just outside is ideal.  Ryan also has a workshop and design studio in South Cambridgeshire where the vast majority of his design and manufacturing work is carried out.

‘My aim is to create beautifully functional objects without compromising on aesthetics. My inspiration is often lead by a commission brief or interesting objects that I’ve have seen. The process of making jewellery and silverware traditionally from the bench, coupled with cutting edge manufacturing techniques, helps me to produce unique items. I often try to mechanically assemble pieces where possible, so I can combine different surface finishes and textures, to help accentuate form or to play with reflections.’ Benjamin James Ryan

Ryan graduated from Buckinghamshire University with BA Hons and is a full of member of (CBS) Contemporary British Silversmiths, (NJA) National Jewellers Association, the (IPG) Institute Of Professional Goldsmiths’ as well as RAPnet. He is also a co-director of two other trade based businesses Wax-Masters Ltd. and Ursae Ltd. and is a recognised Fellow of both the Bishopsland Educational Trust and Michelangelo Foundation ‘Homofaberguide’.

If you would like to commission or enquire about a piece you have seen on the website or at an event/exhibition, or would like to discuss design consultancy services, please contact us by clicking here.

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